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Sheet bending

We use four sheet bending machines according to the type of the processed material. CNC sheet bending is fast and precise.

CNC sheet bending


You cannot not bend with higher precision

We bend the sheets using  modern machines. The sheet bending machines are equipped with a large number of bending tools. The bend accuracy is +/- 0.1 mm. The Trumpf  bending machine is equipped with laser angle measurement during the bending and contact measurement in the tools (ACB). p>


Complicated bends, various radiuses, holes in the bend.

  • A large number of tools allows us to bend complicated shapes of the components.
  • Standard bending radiuses that we use are: R1, R3, R5, R10, R15, R20, R25, R30, R40, R50.
  • We can bend materials with holes in the bend without deformation using a swivel matrix.
  • If necessary, we can bend without pressure marks caused by the tools.

Technical parameters of the machines

Equipment AMADA 80/25 AMADA 100/3 SAFAN TRUMPF
Pressure force 80 t 100 t 35 t 170 t
Angle measurement digital digital - ACB-Tool ACB-Laser
Deburring length 2,500 mm 3,000 mm 1,250 mm 3,000 mm

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