GAF s.r.o.

About the company

GAF  s.r.o. is primarily a manufacturing company with  long experience  in metalworking, i.e. processing of steel  and stainless  steel products, mostly sheets, but also  aluminium.

The company policy

High quality  and compliance with standards

The high quality of work and  long-lasting stability in  production of accessories and  components for lawn equipment, building machines, tractors and  other parts of mechanical engineering guarantee the development and  constant growth of the given segment  despite its seasonal character.

The quality management system (QMS) and  environmental management system (EMS) are a natural outcome of the permanent effort of GAF  s. r. o.   to ensure honest, individual and  serious attitude  to each customer and  to  each project. Compliance of the welding process with ČSN EN ISO 3834-2, ČSN EN ISO 15085-2 and  meeting the requirements of regulation ČD V95/5 prove the constant improvement of quality in  welding. 

Objectives and means of the quality management system

The GAF s. r. o. management is committed to constant improvement of efficiency of the integrated management system by application of the established objectives, target values, programmes and  control mechanisms.

  • productivity – consistent application of auto-classification of the individual manufacturing operations
  • efficiency and  profitability – refinement of technological processes by comparison with reality
  • speeding of VP – purposive planning  and consistent organization in the use of resources
  • manufacturing quality – introduction of inter-operation inspections by delegation of responsibilities  in individual operations
  • quality of the management – regular analyses of information flows and  their application
  • flexibility and operability – support and  personal development of the best workers
  • customer satisfaction – efficient use of QMS
  • employee satisfaction – introduction of auto-classification system

Environmental management

In the area of environmental management, we are fully aware of the importance of responsible approach of each business subject  and irreplaceability of its educational function especially  with regard to  the relation between profit and  care of the  environment as well as  their mutual relationship.

  • We undertake to continuously develop and  improve all aspects of the EMS especially  with view to the  changing requirements of the legislation on the  local, national and  European level.
  • With a well considered approach in  this area, we will  continue to  search for potential risks  and remove them.
  • We will efficiently find and  use  environment-friendly resources.
  • By gradual introduction of the corresponding measures, we will preventively influence  the approach and  behaviour of our employees.