GAF s.r.o.

  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminium processing

    Thanks to the long-lasting quality improvement, flexibility and modern equipment, we are able to extend cooperation with renowned companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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  • Food-processing equipment

    - moulding and boiling of meat products
    - high-capacity mobile equipment
    - simple operation and handling
    - shapes of the resulting product according to customer specifications

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    GAF s.r.o. is a mechanical engineering company specializing in steel, stainless steel and aluminium custom manufacture. We provide individual approach to each customer, responsible approach to the work, quality, precision and attention to the smallest detail.

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    Steel, stainless steel and aluminium processing

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    Food-processing equipment

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  • The company GAF s.r.o. is celebrating its anniversary and expanding into Dašice


    The company GAF s.r.o. specializes in comprehensive custom sheet metal processing and recently took a significant step in its development by acquiring and renaming Colorset to GAF Dašice s.r.o. This acquisition allows GAF s.r.o. to expand its offerings and strengthen its market position. GAF Dašice s.r.o. is synonymous with high-quality and precision in sheet metal part production, opening new opportunities for innovation and modern technology in engineering.

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Discover our colleagues' stories

We want the best people in GAF. Look at our workers' stories and see that work in our company  is demanding, but you can earn as much as you want.

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    In the GAF company, I am able to sell all my welding skills and at the same time, I have gained a lot of experience throughout the eight years of my work here.

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    First I gained experience as a CNC operator in a workshop and now I process data for the laser machine and plan production. I like the chance of promotion!

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    After maternity leave, I gladly returned to Gaf where I had worked as a receptionist for six years. Over that period, the company took another step further and I want to  keep pace!

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    I am glad that GAF offers job opportunities to foreigners. It helps me to integrate into the local environment. I work in the paint shop and I feel like at home there.

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    Gaf offered me an opportunity to try more positions, but I most enjoy assembling and metalworking. Even a female hand can come in useful in Gaf.