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We have invested into the latest 3D measuring equipment in order to increase efficiency and precision of measuring the final products and creation of the corresponding inspection reports.

We can accurately measure even 3D objects


3D measuring of geometry

3D measuring is unique technology, which we use in addition to other standard methods so that our final products conform  exactly to your expectations and requirements. We carry out all proposals individually for each customer.

We thus carry out highly precise and fast 3D measurements and subsequent comparisons of the products, components or dies with the CAD models.


We can measure even complicated shapes

The 3D measuring equipment uses contact measuring with a probe. A unique property of the 3D measuring is the use of a CNC mode. In this mode, the measuring equipment stores the given component. Then it is just enough to replace the same component and the machine will carry out the subsequent measurement without the need of other complicated operations.

The entire 3D measurement can capture data from virtually any surface. It is a versatile system for almost any measurements. It can easily check many points, compare the products and perform a reverse analysis of the given component or product. It can be used for measuring all dimensions in serial manufacture, individual components,  weldments,  control products and other parts.


With 3D measuring to a perfect product

The 3D measuring is suitable for all dimensions of engineering parts, pitches, diameters, linear dimensions, angles, shape deviations and also positions. It allows measurement of series products, individual components and control fixtures. It can be used for measuring all dimensions of engineering parts such as pitches, diameters, linear dimensions, angles, shape deviations and positions.

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