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Laser cutting

We offer laser cutting of sheet metal  using the TruLaser 3030 fiber 4kW machine.

Precise laser cutting


Precise sheet metal cutting by fiber laser

We offer laser cutting of sheet metal using the TruLaser 3030 fiber 4kW machine. Laser cutting by this equipment  is quick and precise, which brings maximum effect to each customer.


Technical parameters of the  machine

The cut materials

Thickness (mm)
Structural steels 0.5 - 25
Stainless steels 0.5 - 20
Aluminium alloys 0.5 - 20
Max. sheet size 3,000 x 1,500 mm
Precision and position deviation +/- 0.1
Maximum weight of the workpiece 500 kg

Cutting of sheet metal with protective film

We specialize in cutting sheet metal with protection film against scratches, which is most commonly used on polished stainless steel sheets or sheets with high gloss. We can also apply the film on already cut components.


Marking of components

Engraving can label the components permanently for better orientation. For example, the marking can indicate the drawing number. You will appreciate it especially when you order a large number of different components.


We know how to deal with iron scales

When cutting certain materials, scales appear on the edges. This can be prevented by using nitrogen during the cutting.
Laser cutting of the sheets always conforms to individual needs of the customer  and requirements of the subsequent manufacture.

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