GAF s.r.o.

History of GAF s.r.o

The history of GAF  s.r.o. dates back to 1993 when the company was established and  subsequently transformed by natural development to  its stable background.

History of the company

Thanks to the long-lasting quality improvement, flexibility and  modern technologies, we are able to extend cooperation with  renowned companies in the  Czech Republic  and  abroad.

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    Establishment of the company

    The GAF company was  established in  1993 as a public company  focused on  mechanical manufacture. 

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    The first powder paint shop

    The first powder paint shop significantly improved the quality of the delivered products, thus fulfilling the long-term strategy towards the quality of manufacture.

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    Moving to the current space

    Moving to  the current space was a big milestone in  the history of the company. It offered us completely new possibilities in  expansion of manufacture, provision of storage areas and  facilities for the employees .

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    Certification EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001

    By introduction of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 and  purchasing of advanced technologies, we have responded to the growing demands of the present and  potential customers. We also succeed in following the trend of  growing demands for  overall qualification of workers on  all levels of management and  production. 

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    First laser for sheet metal cutting

    Our goal to produce perfectly processed products was fulfilled also  by our first laser for sheet metal cutting. Because of it, we are able to manufacture the components more quickly and with  lower waste and  energy for  their processing. 

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    Certification of welding according to international standards

    Products, which we put on  the European and  global market, have to comply with the growing demands. To be able to be the right partner for the  manufacture, we have obtained  international  welding certificates.

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    Present day

    Investments in  modern technologies have always paid off in  the past and  helped to stabilize and  profile the company. Therefore,  even the present day is connected with  investments in  new technologies that allow us to make things faster, more accurately and with  a lower share of labour.