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Food-processing industry

The frequently manufactured products include a lot of equipment for food-processing industry, gastronomy, dairy industry, cheese companies and meat-processing industry such as cheese slicers or boiling towers.

Food-processing industry

Boiling towers

  • Equipment for moulding and boiling of meat products filled in closed packaging or freely inserted in film.
  • The boiling tower is mobile equipment with a high capacity of moulds for production of meat products, mainly ham.
  • The towers are characterized by simple operation and manipulation when filling the moulds with the material and removing the finished products. Quick closing (pressing) is carried out by a mobile pneumatic closing station.
  • Thanks to the large amount of processed material (up to 450 kg in one tower), the boiling chamber is maximally utilized in one cycle of heat processing.
  • The quality materials  and high manufacturing precision of our towers guarantee long-lasting high productivity, trouble-free manipulation and permanent top quality of the products.
  • The boiling towers are made of stainless steel 1.4301 for food processing, thus complying with sanitary requirements for the meat industry.


  • Solid lids – pressing of the product filled in a closed package with precisely defined volume of the processed product.
  • Flexible lids – pressing of the product, which is put in a film usually by hand when the volume of the inserted product is not exactly defined for each portion in one boiling tower.
  • Shapes of the meat – the shapes of the products are determined by the customer's specifications. The shapes of the moulds are consulted for each product. If the customer is not quite sure about the final shape of the product, a hand-operated mould of the required shape is made for testing. Production of the boiling tower starts after approval of the resulting product.

Mobile locking stations for the boiling towers

Other equipment for meat-processing industry

Hand-operated moulds for ham production

Meat freezing frame

  • Four-section removable frame.
  • Easy to install by means of stainless steel latches.

Butcher trolleys

Meat hooks

Equipment for dairy industry and cheese companies

Cheese cutters – manual

Cheese cutters – automatic

Pressing of "parenica" cheese

Blue cheese scraper

Stacker of block moulds

Blue cheese piercing machine

Equipment for food-processing industry and gastronomy

Tables and sinks